These stories are from the WB/CW show, Supernatural, about two brothers (Dean and Sam Winchester) who fight demons, evil spirits, cursed planes, etc. all the while trying to not get killed (again).

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Minx's Summer Prompt Challenge

Pics within the stories were made from the lovely Minx herself! Thanks again!

Better Days: Prompt #1: home, tantrum, music. Dean’s grounded, but when has that ever stopped him.

Desperado: Prompt # 50: blood, tired, Impala. Beginning: Season 2, “Everybody Loves a Clown” and then just after “The Usual Suspects”. How things should have gone.

Walk Like A Man: Prompt # 2: jealousy, sleep, hair. Dean spanks Sam for the first time.

Cold as Ice: Prompt # 47: forest, curiosity, hunting. Right after No Exit, before the whole Bill & John scandal. Ellen’s not happy.

Markings: Prompt # 5: jealousy, tattoo, money. John Winchester’s motto has always been ‘Do as I say, Not as I do.’

Shoot to Thrill: Prompt # 48: chewing gum, temper, training. Sammy’s fights the potty and Dean wants attention.

New Deep: Prompt # 37: Pastor Jim, promises, basement. Why John Winchester started using fake credit cards.

Midnight Bottle: Prompt # 7: laziness, hammer, food. John's eighteen and life isn't going how he planned.

Say: Prompt # 6: graves, books, lunch. Honesty hurts.

The Diary of Jane: Prompt #46 :motel room,insobordination, homework. Dean's been causing trouble in school.

Wasting Time: Prompt # 25 : teasing, curfew, school. Sammy sets out to make a point.

That Smell: Prompt #42: scissors, revenge, music. Sam thinks Dean smells, but Dean doesn’t care. Sam gets mad.

Don't Push Me: Prompt # :field, inattention, wet.  Mary's pregnant. Jack and Dean want to make sure it's a boy.

Rain: Prompt # 40: Bobby’s, disrespect, laundry.  Spending some time at Bobby's after discovering John's alive is great. Being crammed indoors during a rainstorm isn't.

Stuck in the Middle With You: Prompt # 34: shopping, arguing, urban legend. Sam gets whiny and Dean can't block him out anymore.

Teenage Wasteland: Prompt # 10: fear, borrowing, touch.  Dean's acid Trip.

More to Come!!!

Time Verse

Here is a new AU that I started. It's so far AU that I'm making a whole new page for it!!

Overall Summary: This time, it's all different. Dean hasn't seen his little brother, Sam, in four years. But it's been eight since he's seen his older brother, Nick. On his son Ben's eighth birthday, both show up on Lisa Braeden's doorstep. And he's not the only one who's meeting new family members.

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