Original Characters

Here are stories with characters that I created.



Worth Saving Me: Life is being downright evil to Michael Elton, and he's seeking for a way out. He just didn't realize there was still someone around that cared enough to pull him back in.


More to come!


 The Sum of Us: Nathaniel Ryder is a family man, father of eight, married to the same beautiful girl for fourteen years. If only things had stayed so simple.

TEARS – 7,972 words

SUMMARY: As Nick sets about building his dream house, they meet their new neighbors, the Tobins.

SUMMARY: Mooreland calls to announce that the house is complete, and the Ryders have to finish packing.

SUMMARY: With the house reaching completion, the Ryders invite the Tobins over, and a friendship begins between Emma and Evelyn.

BLURRED– 13, 505
SUMMARY: A middle of the night call has Nick reminiscing about his earlier years with Wes.

ACHE – 8, 345
SUMMARY: Wes in the hospital, Nate keeps remembering. <- Summary hidden for spoilers. Highlight to see!

FOOLS -  8,075
SUMMARY: Tabitha pushes an unwelcomed visit, old boyfriend in tow.

CARRY YOU - currently writing



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