Title: Diary of Jane
Author: luvspnl
John, Dean, OFC
Minx Prompt #46:
motel room, insubordination, homework
Implement: unknown, hand presumed
Summary: Dean’s been causing trouble in school.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Title from a song by Breaking Benjamin.
Disclaimer: *looks for shooting star to make ownership wish*


Jane Seymour was more than a little upset with her newest student. Currently, sixteen year old Dean Winchester was quietly sleeping his way through her advance calculus class.

The thirty three year old teacher had been at the school for five years now and she might not be a veteran but this was the first time someone had ever done such a thing to her. Taking a page from Mr. Kohl and dropped her ruler hard on the desk in front of him.

Dean just groaned and buried his head further into his arms. Didn’t even acknowledge her. Why that little!

            “Dean Winchester! Wake up!”

            “Go. Away,” the ‘sleeping’ boy responded.

Jane jumped a step back, startled that the boy had spoken and none of him had announced that he was awake.

            “I will not go away, young man! I will not have you sleeping in my classroom, thank you very much. This is a learning institution, not your bedroom.”

She stood firmly looking at the back of the boy’s head. What she wanted to do was grab him and shake him something hard, but that kind of physical contact was prohibited.

Dean’s head slowly rose and then turned to look over at her. She jumped a step back, bumping into Jake Tanner’s desk, from the fierce look on his face.

            “I can leave. If you want,” he said, hard and cold like and it made her shiver all over.

Dean Winchester had been at Wilson Bryan High School for three months now and, while he hadn’t been the greatest of students, well hat about summed it up.

She had been very surprised to see him flaunter in that first day, Vice Principal Corbin Vail right behind him. She had almost thought it’d been a joke.

But his transcripts had said that Dean M. Winchester excelled in all mathematics, sciences, and history.

            “Um. What, what I want... What I want,” she said more firmly, trying to get her posture back and ignore how that slight smirk that had appeared was making her want to go back to her desk and sit quietly there for the rest of the day. “Is for you to wither start paying attention in class or head over to vice principal Vail’s office for the remainder of the period. I will not have you interrupting the other students from their desired learning environment.”

Dean rolled his eyes and shrugged. He started to get up and it was then that she noticed just how small she really was. Another reason why her husband didn’t want her teaching to high school students.

Instead of attacking her, like she had judgingly thought he was going to do, Dean just grabbed his backpack and started to head over to the door.

            “Later then,” he waved, reaching the door and slipping out before she even thought of stopping him. Or at the very list reminding him to head over to Vail’s office.


Jane had been very surprised to not being called down to discuss Dean and his continuous acts of insubordination. She had wondered what Mr. Vail had done to the teen and hoped it was enough to make the boy snap out of whatever reverie he was in.

If he really was as gifted as his transcription stated he was, then he had a lot of potential that he was just willingly wasting away.

She packed her bag, gathered up the pop quizzes she’d given her fifth period and the project signup sheets from her sixth and eighth periods. She tried to get a pretty decent balance on all of the things as she started to head out of her room and towards the staff parking lot.

Right as she made it to her little light green Neon, she got spook by the loud roar of a car passing behind her and dropped all of her things to the ground. She turned around, just in time to see the tail end of a classic black vehicle turn the corner and disappear out of sight. A few seconds later and the obnoxious sound left as well.


The next day, as her third period pilled in, she was a little pleased to not spot Dean amongst them. She suspected that he had gotten suspended for his behavior and thought that was just.

Maybe, with consequences, teenagers would finally start thinking before they acted.


Usually, Jane Seymour had lunch duty for fourth period and ate in her seventh. That day she had to cover for Kate Redding, the biology teacher, since the aging woman had a doctor’s appointment that day. Jane didn’t mind doing it, her fifth period needed the extra period to catch up on their algebra anyhow.

She walked around the cafeteria, making certain that everything was running smoothly. And then she spotted him, Dean Winchester that scoundrel!

Jane stopped dead in her tracks. How was that boy there? He wasn’t supposed to be in school! He certainly hadn’t gone to her class that day.

She found herself walking over to him without knowing what she was going to do. It was usually easy for her to get the obedience she demanded out of her students, most of them wanted to impress her and do well in school. She’d never been challenged like Dean challenged her.

And he was pretty intimidating to her five foot four inched frame.

            “Dean Winchester, I’m surprised to see you here,” she said, coming up right behind him.

Dean stopped chatting with his table of friends and glanced over his shoulder at her. Then he smiled at her.

            “Mrs. Seymour! Thought you worked the first lunch?”

            “Oh, so you thought that since I don’t usually don’t come in here? Thought that you could just bypass your suspension since I didn’t see you in class? Well, I can see you!”

For the record, she realized she sounded ridiculous even before Dean and his table started to laugh.

            “Wow, and here I was afraid I turned invisible. Thanks for clearing that up.”

Then, Dean shook his head and turned back to eating. Unbelievable.

And she was left standing there, completely speechless.


The next day, Dean appeared at the end of class and smugly handed over the week all homework that she had assigned the day before the last day he had attended.

Jane had been talking over a problem with another student, so she just spotted him and watched out of the corner of her eye as he walked over to her desk and dropped the sheet onto it. She called to him, but he just turned to her, waved, and left the room.

She tried to spot Dean again after his lunch period, but with all the masses of teenagers leaving the cafeteria it was impossible.

During her lunch break, she decided that enough was enough and she was going to personally confront VP Corbin Vail herself.

To her surprise, Corbin hadn’t seen Dean Winchester all of that week. And he certainly would have called her if the boy had turned up, he said so himself.

Corbin told her that he would immediately get Dean into his office and that he would handle the matter and then she felt slightly justified. Dean Winchester scared her, but she didn’t have to be around him to make him step back into line.


Dean wasn’t in school that Thursday, and she had been informed after school the day before by Corbin Vail himself that Dean was suspended for two days.

Which she believed served him right.

However, her request that Dean been moved to a more adequate class, one where he clearly could pay attention since the material was certainly something he wouldn’t be able to catch up one, well that request was denied.


That first Monday that Dean was back, she noticed a minor change in him. He came to class early, took his things out of his bag and surprised her even further by actually owning a notebook and having his textbook still in one piece. As the other students piled into the class, she also noticed that the notebook wasn’t new and that Dean flipped halfway through it to a clean page.

And then he actually took notes.

She was so amazed by the sight that she didn’t notice an even bigger difference until after the bell rang and most of the students were gone from the class.

Dean seemed to be having a hard time sitting still. The usually rushed task of putting things back into book bags was a slow process for him. As if every movement down towards the bag actually caused him pain.

He waited while Jane talked to Trisha Fillmore, a rather smart girl who knew when to ask questions. Once Trisha was gone, Dean slowly approached her.

            “Mrs. Seymour?” he said, actually sounded shy, something that she hadn’t heard from him, not even the first day that he had been in her class.

            “Dean?” she replied, not noticing that she was sounding unsure of herself as well.

            “I just, well, I wanted to apologize. You know, for the last week. I was kind of a jerk.”

            “Um, well. Thank you, Dean, for apologizing. That was (unexpected) nice of you. Thank you.”

She didn’t want to say it, but she had been very surprised by the apology. Heck, she had expected him to be mad at her for getting him suspended.

Dean nodded and fingered a piece of paper that she had just noticed he was holding in his hands.

            “Is that all?” she asked, curious about the paper but not wanting to seem as such.

Dean shook his head no and glanced down at the paper.

            “Is that for me?” she asked, after a moment of silence.

This time, Dean nodded, but he made no motion towards handing it to her.

            “Can I see it?”

            “Well, you see. It’s stupid.”

            “Did you write that note?”

Again, Dean shook his head and he might have even blushed, but she wasn’t quite certain.

            “My dad did. He um, well he thought it might be a good idea. So that I stop being such an ass here all the time.”

            “Dean, no one has said that of you,” Jane replied, sure she had thought he wasn’t the nicest of kids this year, but she wasn’t so bothered by him to think like that. She had stopped being a teenager long ago and she could control her name-calling.

Dean just nodded, as if he had expected that kind of answer.

            “Well, can I see it then?”

            “Huh?” Dean looked up to her. She pointed to the paper still fumbling in his hands. “Oh, yeah. Here, I gotta go.”

Dean barely placed the note in her hand before he was out the door. He moved so fast that trying to call him back would have been pointless.

She opened the note and shook her head, knowing instantly why a boy Dean’s age would be so embarrassed.


She headed out early that day, leaving just as the last of the students left the building. She had plans with, Brian, her husband and she didn’t want to have to cancel because someone needed her assistance.

She was just about heading out her door, when in stepped in a rather tall and gruff looking man followed closely by Dean. And Dean didn’t look all that happy.

            “Oh!” she stopped before she walked right into the man’s chest. (And stayed there forever. Hello handsome!)

            “Sorry,” the man said, reaching out to grab her arm before she stumbled backwards and made a real fool of herself.

Dean snickered.

Setting her firmly back in place, the man shot Dean a look. She’d never seen Dean so subsided so quickly.

            “I can see you’re in a rush,” the man said quickly. “I’m John, Dean’s father.”

            “Oh, hi. I didn’t expect –

Dean’s father, John, made Jane even more nervous. She could clearly see where the boy learned his intimidation from. And neither did it deliberately. Or at least she didn’t think so.

            “I just wanted to make sure that Dean was honest and did as he was told to.”

Behind his father, Jane noticed Dean slum against one of the desks and cross his arms defiantly over his chest.

            “He apologize and hand you that note?”

Jane felt like she was the one being interrogated and it was slightly frightening. Dealing with teenagers all day long, many of which were much taller than her, had given her the false assumption that she could handle herself. But she had clearly been fooling herself. There was no way that she could handle this man.

She felt as if she had done something wrong.

            “Oh, yeah. Yes, Dean apologized and handed over that note. I will be sure to send him home with his progress report on Friday, as you requested. It’s really no trouble, and there are really many students here who receive them as well.”

After she’d given the affirmation, she was almost positive that John wasn’t all that interested in the rest. After all, he knew what the note had stated and clearly expected nothing less than just that from her.

            “Well, thank you. I appreciate that. We’ll be off then. And again, I assure you that while we remain here, Dean won’t cause this kind of trouble again.”

Jane just nodded and watched as John turned around and started to head back out. Dean straightened out and followed his father out the door.

Jane followed, closing the door behind her. She followed right behind them as they headed out the school and towards the parking lot.

She hadn’t been spying, no. She just happened to have been walking closely enough to hear the father and soon talk.

            “I told you, I gave it to her.”

            “Well, excuse me if I’m not up to taking your word for things just yet. You also told me that you were behaving yourself in school.”

            “When’d I say that?”

John had huffed then, seemed to even glare towards his son’s direction.

            “Every day you get back from school and I ask you, how was school.”

            “And I said, Fine.”

            “I’m sure they suspended you from your vast ‘fine’ness.”

            “You assumed fine meant I wasn’t in trouble. Fine could mean trouble didn’t escalate. Or that no one ended up in the nurse’s office. You know what they say about assuming, right?”

They were in the parking lot by then, and Jane was trying to think of a way to walk by the two and towards her car while not seeming as if she was specifically spying on them.

They weren’t even looking her way as they reached a Jet black car that look old, but kind of nice.

John stopped by the driver’s side and glared at Dean from over the roof of that black car. Jane couldn’t be sure, but she might have just witnessed Dean squirming.

            “And that little comment just brought you another trip over my knee. Keep at it son, you won’t be sitting still the rest of our stay here.”

John slide into the car then and Jane just froze. So that was what all that squirming had been about.

Dean dropped his gaze for a second and then, just her luck, he looked up and right at her.

He opened his mouth to say something, his cheeks and ears turning red with teenage embarrassment.

            “Dean! Get in, we have to head back to the motel room before Sammy destroys the place.”

Dean bit his lip and slide into the car. Then it left the parking spot with practiced grace and Jane stood stock still for a moment longer before she remembered Brian.

Needless to say, the rest of Dean’s days at Wilson Bryan High had been much less adventurous. And he proved to her that he did indeed have the mind for advance mathematics, and enough sense to not risk his sitting over it.