Walk Like a Man
Prompt # 2: jealousy, sleep, hair
Summary: Dean spanks Sam for the first time.Title from a song by the Four Seasons.
Characters: Dean(17), Sammy(13), John

December 23, 1996
11:35 pm

Personally, looking back, he couldn’t blame the kid. After all, they had just spent the last four days alone and they were starting to get on each other’s last nerve.

For the first time in a really, really long time - or ever - Dean wished that they currently had school. But the fact was, no school during Christmas vaca.

Which had seemed like such a reward just a mere week ago.

Looking back was easy enough now, the little trouble maker was already deep in sleep. Hell, if he thought about it, Sammy hadn’t been that bad. It was all just a matter of timing really.

Bad timing.

Really, really bad timing.


Flashback: (12 hours earlier -- 1135 a.m.)

            “What is this?” Sam asked, jabbing slightly at what Dean had placed in a bowl in front of him.

Dean sighed, restraining himself from shoving his brother’s face into his meal.

            “It’s oatmeal. Just eat it.”

            “Oatmeal? Seriously?”

Dean sat down with his own heaping bowl of the oatmeal stuff and began to eat it. It wasn’t really all that bad, but it wasn’t great either.

            “Death, dumb, and blind much?” he asked, smirking through a mouthful of their breakfast.

            “What happened to the real food?”

Again, Dean sighed.

            “Dude, you think that just comes from thin air? What do you think we’ve been eating for the last three days?”

            “Better crap than this!”

            “Well, eat your bowl of crap and shut up about it!”

            “Can’t we just have some sandwiches or something? I saw some bread and I know there’s still cheese.”

            “No Sammy! Unless you don’t want any lunch whatsoever. This is cooked and warm and just shut up all ready!” Dean yelled, taking an angry bit of his oatmeal. Sam opened his mouth to protest, but Dean swallowed quickly and stopped him. “Want me to tell Dad that you won’t eat what you’re given?”

Sam groaned, finally taking his spoon and starting to eat. He had to admit, the food wasn’t as bad as it looked. Or smelled. In the end, they had had worse.

The rest of their breakfast was pretty much eaten in silence, which for all the fighting that they had had the past few days and the fighting John and Sammy had had before he left for a hunt was a nice turnabout.

But of course, it never lasted too long.

            “Why can’t you just go buy some more food?” Sammy couldn’t resist asking as he placed his now empty bowl in the sink besides Dean’s.

            “Because, one - I’ve got no car, and two - we’re too freaking in the middle of nowhere for me to walk.”

            “And we can’t order pizza because?”

            “Because I said so! Now, go watch TV or something, Damn!”

The next two hours found the brothers trying to work around the other. They only spoke when they had to and it was mostly in primal male grunts.

Finally, Dean received what he was sure was their salvation.

            “ ‘Lo?” he sighed into the phone receiver.

            “Hi! Dean?” asked a perky girl voice.

            “Yeah?” he replied slowly, frowning at the phone in his hand.

            “It’s Jonie! From English class!”

Dean tried to think back. English class, English…red head named - Molly, so not here, blond with those long assed legs in the front? No that was Kimmy. Next to her was Susie. And why did all the girls in this town have the same ‘y’ ending! Jonie, Jonie…

            “Jonie Dobb?”

            “Yeah!” she shrieked.

Dean smiled. Jonie Dobbs had some really nice legs and an even nicer pair of -

            “You busy tonight?”


            “Tonight! Tonight, you busy. Cuz you know, there’s this huge party tonight. Everyone goes!”

            “Yeah? Where at?” he asked cautiously.

            “Here! It’s my party, silly! So, you coming? Cuz you gotta come!”

Dean smirked and then full on smiled. A party sounded a hell of a lot better than spending endless hours listening to Sammy moan and groan about every little thing. The teen years had really hit that kid, hard.

            “Hell ya. What time?”


3:45 pm

            “And what am I  supposed to do?” Sam asked once Dean had told him his plans.

            “You can keep on with your whining, I just won’t be here to hear it,” he said, tugging his jeans on and smiling at his little brother’s glare.

            “That’s not funny!”

            “Sure it is! Listen, we just ate, so I know you won’t die. I made a few extra sandwiches for you but I should be back before dinner. I won’t be long, just enough to see everyone and mingle. Hell, I’ll bring you back some treats, how’s that sound?”

            “Did you call Dad? Because I don’t think he’ll let you go.”

Dean rolled his eyes. When his kid brother wanted to be difficult, he was really difficult.

            Yes, for your information, I did call him. And I left him a message telling him where I was going and when I was going to be back. He’ll probably call you to make sure your still alive but I’ll probably be back before he even hears the message. Now, quit you’re bitching and moaning and get out of my way, I’ve got to fix my hair.”

            “How are you even going to leave, Dean?” Sammy asked, following his brother’s path to the bathroom.

            “Mark’s coming to pick me up. He lives around here and everyone’s going to that party. I can’t show my face in January if I don’t go, apparently.”

Sammy frowned at that.

            “Can I go?”

Dean paused in his meticulous task of perfectly coming his hair to look at his brother’s reflection.

            “No, Sam. Sorry, didn’t hear about a kiddie party for you to go to. Maybe next time, man,” he teased.

Sam frowned and then huffed his way out of the bathroom. Dean just rolled his eyes. It wasn’t that he didn’t get the kid didn’t want to be left there when he got to party, but he really wasn’t in the mood to stick around either.

Sure, it was a coup out. So sue him.

            “Sammy,” he groaned, noticing his brother’s even pissier attitude as he tugged on his jacket and walked into the living room.

The thirteen year old stared at the TV and refused to look over at him.

            “Come on, Sammy, there’s nothing to be jealous about.”

            “I’m not jealous!”

Dean groaned, looking up at the ceiling as if the answer to his brother’s mood was written there.

            “Okay, fine. You’re not jealous I got invited to a party,” he said sarcastically.

            “No. I’m not,” Sam repeated.

            “Good. I’ll see you in two hours probably. I’m getting a ride back with Pete. You can do whatever you want, just don’t go outside.”

Dean saw car lights approaching, since there was nothing really around. He waited to get a response from his brother, but the kid refused to look away from the screen, even during the commercials.

            “Sammy? Did ya hear me?”

            “Just leave already!”

            “Agh! Fine! I don’t know why I even bother.”

Dean grabbed his gloves and headed out the door. He really needed to get away from the kid before he killed him!


5:39 pm

The party had been pretty damn stupid. It was more of a social gathering than anything and he was thankful when Pete asked him if he minded leaving early.

He was surprised that everyone was there. And they were talking. Just talking. Well, at least he had made his appearance.

As he had promised, well sort of just mentioned really, he had brought Sam back some treats. The only good thing about the party had been the food, so he didn’t feel in the least bit wrong in taking a bunch of it.

He thanks Pete for the ride and then dashed inside because it was freaky cold out. Stepping into their rented house, he frowned at the darkness.


The lack of response automatically sent Dean into big brother mode. Currently, it was on Freak-Out Level.

            “Sam! Yo, Sammy!” he called out, running into the kitchen and dumping food there.

            “Sammy, answer me!”

Dean dashed up the steps, and started to frantically look in the bathroom, Sam’s room, his room and even their dad’s room where they weren’t even allowed into. No sign of Sammy or any Sammy sized struggle.

            “Sam!” Dean screamed, kicked the banister before he started to head down them in haste.

Dean started to look around, searching for a sign of where his brother might have gone or if he was taken, but when he was so close to panic mode he just couldn’t think.



Dean turned around, surprised to see his brother at the front door. The opened front door.

The kid looked just fine. His skin was flushed from the cold weather outside, but he was safe and didn’t look in the least bit of danger. Dean watched his brother close the door, lock it, and then start to take off his coat and boots like nothing had happened.

And he had had the nerve to whine.

            “Where the hell were you?!”

Sam turned back to him and actually rolled his eyes at him, as if he couldn’t be bothered by his brother’s very presence.

            “Out,” he replied, gesturing to the door he had just walked through. As if Dean couldn’t place the pieces together. “What’s with the revolver?”

Dean frowned. He then noticed that in his search, he had grabbed their father’s revolver, probably when he had entered the man’s room.

Dean walked over into the living room and placed the weapon on the coffee table. He’d have to get it back upstairs before his father noticed the piece missing.

            “Forget about that and answer my question! What the hell were you doing outside! I told you not to leave this house! Damnit Sam! What were you thinking! It’s already pitch black out!”

Dean could feel his worry and concern slip away and started to feel the anger and frustration of the previous days return by the tenfold.

Sammy for his part seemed surprised at his brother’s outrage. As he listened to the lecture, he glanced over to the clock on the VCR an noticed that his brother had gotten back early.

            “Hey!” Dean yelled out, walking over to his and grabbing his arm. “It’s not the TV that’s pissed at you! What the hell were you thinking, Sammy! You know what we’re doing here, you know the kind of shit Dad hunts! What in the world made you go outside? You had the whole house to yourself, I didn’t say you couldn’t do anything except one thing. And that’s the thing you choose to do!”

            “Let go of me! Dean! You’re hurting my arm!”

            “Your arm! Your last concern should be for your arm right now. You should be thinking about what I’m asking you, little man, because if it’s as ridiculous as I think it is, your ass is the one that’ll really be hurting!”

Dean was pleased to finally see some clarity reach the kid. Seemed like he couldn’t be concerned less with what Dean had been saying, but now he was all ears.

            “You can’t do that!”

            “We’re about to find out in a second. Answer my question!”

            “But, Dean!” Sam whined, eyes wide and his other hand coming up to try and pry Dean’s finger’s away.

            “Enough!” Dean yelled, causing his brother to flinch. He flipped Sam around and placed him over the armrest of the couch.

            “What. Were. You. Doing?” he asked again, swatting Sam’s jean clad bottom at each word.

            “AH! DEAN!”

            “Answer me!” Dean ordered, swatting him again.

Sam started to squirm, but Dean easily held him down and in place. He’d never raised a hand to his brother, but he’d be damned if the kid didn’t deserve it.

And surely Dad would understand.

            “Okay! Stop!”

            “Talk.” Dean growled. He kept Sam in place, but he didn’t proceed to swat him again.

            “I got bored so I went out. Just for a minute!”

            “Why?” Dean growled. He was trying to tame his anger, not to take it out on his brother, even when he was being stupid.

            “I dunno. Ah!”

            “Why?” he growled again, this time leaving his hand on Sam’s backside as a warning. He was now really starting to feel bad for all the crap he gave his father, even when he himself was over the man’s knee.

            “Because you said not to!”

Dean scoffed, shaking his head. He had figured as much. Sam had seemed very pissed off when he had left, so he had figured that the kid would try something against him. He had hoped that the treats he’d brought would have helped him, but he hadn’t even gotten the chance to offer them.

As the older brother, Dean understood that his being able to do things came with his growing up. If he had been thirteen, he wouldn’t have been allowed to the party. Hell, when he was thirteen, he rarely got left alone with his brother. They were almost always with Pastor Jim, or Bobby, or Jefferson, or another handful of ‘uncles’ and ‘aunts’ that their dad would leave them with.

But Sam’s not being allowed to do things and then watching as his brother was had always made the younger boy a tad bit jealous. Sure, as he had aged he was allowed to do the same things to. They just didn’t seem as important after Dean had been doing them for four years.

            “That’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. You know better than to just act for, what revenge? Prove to me that you could do as you pleased? Prove that you could get away with things? What? Because that’s all so ridiculous and stupid, I can’t believe it’s coming from you.”

Dean released his brother, taking a few steps back. He watched Sammy pop right up and turn to face him, eyes wide with tears and still some frustration mixed in with the anticipation and concern.

            “Get your ass upstairs and to your room. I’ll be up as soon as I’m calm enough to not beat your dumb-assed self.”

Sam seemed unsure for a measure, but then when he took a step towards him his brother turned around, bumped into the couch before dashing up the stairs.

Dean sighed, dropping down into the same couch and listen as his brother did as he was told. Finally. He looked at his reddened hand, stretching his fingers to try and relief some of the heat from them. He hadn’t thought that it’d hurt him, and it really hadn’t. he was more surprised at the redness of it and the fact that it was a clear image of what he had done and what he still needed to do.

And surely that was something to think about.


6:14 pm

He checked the kitchen, noticed that the extra sandwiches he had prepared were still there. Good, they could have those for dinner, because a bratty Sammy did not deserve and mini cakes and cookies and Dean had already had his fill.

By then, he was calm enough and started to trek up the stairs and headed towards his brother’s door. He paused there, leaning his head against the wood and listening for a beat. He could hear slight shifting inside, could picture his brother nervously pacing inside.

He lifted his hand, knocking slightly against the wood with it.

The noises on the other side of the door stopped, but Sammy didn’t respond. He tried the doorknob, pleased when it wasn’t locked, and then opened the door.

Sam was standing in the middle of his room. He looked like he hadn’t moved a muscle since he heard the door and Dean’s almost sure he’s measuring his breathing. If he’s still breathing.

No reason to prolong things.

            “Sammy, come, sit,” Dean instructed as he headed over to the kid’s bed and sat down himself.

Sam started to move, slowly but he was moving.

            “You know, I get that you’ve been pissed at me for the past few days. I know you’d rather we weren’t alone right now, cuz of Christmas and all that, but what you just did has no excuse.”

Sam stopped in front of him. He looked as unsure as Dean felt.

            “You’re not a little kid, Sammy. You know better.”

Sam nodded, but he didn’t offer an answer.

Dean sighed.

            “Alright kiddo, drop the jeans and let’s get this over with.”

Sam shook his head, already starting to cry.

            “No, Dean. You can’t!”

            “Sam,” Dean growled. “Damnit, you know you deserve this!”

Sam shook his head again and looked like he was about to bolt. Dean reached over, grabbed him by his shirt front and pulled him in between his legs. Sam whimpered slightly, still shaking his head, as Dean undid his belt, button and zipper.

The jeans easily fall to the ground. They were Dean’s not that long ago, so he really needed the belt to hold it up.

            “Dean, please,” Sam whimpered, and yeah Dean feels for the kid.

But that’s not stopping what’s going to happen.

He eased his brother over his lap, his chest resting on the bed and his backside in position for the swats that are going to land there. It’s more than just freaky that he knows enough to settle Sammy where he’s going to be comfortable before he…yeah that.

            “You’ve got to start listening to me, Sammy,” Dean said, deciding to leave the briefs up where they are. He doesn’t want this to be any weirder than it’s already proving to be. “You should know by now when I’m not playing around. I gave you one instruction, remember what it was?”

Sam nodded, and he could hear him sniffing. He pressed on.

            “Sammy? What was it?”

            “To to stay in-inside,” stammered Sam.

            “That’s right. Just to stay inside. Wasn’t all that hard to do, and yet you just had to prove that no one could tell you what to do, huh? Well, you know the rules, when Dad’s gone I’m in charge. You don’t get a say in, and you don’t get to disobey me.”

There it was, all that needed to be said.

Dean raised his hand, bringing it down quickly before he changed his mind. It rang in his ears, much louder than the swats he’d previously given out. He brought his hand down again, and it seemed to bring them both out of their stupor.

Sam started to squirm and instantly sounded as if he was killing him. He kept his arm firmly around the slender waist and continued to spank his brother.

            “Dean! Dean, please!”

            “You’re old enough to know better, Sammy.”

It wasn’t just about the actual spanking, if it was just for that Dean could have waited until their dad got back and he would have handled it. No, this was about his brother and how he would wind up getting himself hurt.

Sam was finally being allowed to accompany him and Dad in hunts, but if he wasn’t listening to either of them, not only would he no longer be allowed to go, but he might end up hurt or worst because of it.

            “Please! Stop! I’m sorry!”

Dean stopped for a second before lifting the elastic of Sam’s briefs and quickly looking to see what damage he had already caused. He had seen much worse on himself and on Sam, and judging by how his brother was sobbing an had pretty much quit shifting so much and accepted the punishment, Dean knew that it’d been enough.

            “Alright Sammy, that’s it. We’re done here.”

Dean now felt awkward. He knew he had to comfort his brother, he wanted to comfort the kid and himself, but he almost didn’t know how to.

To think that he didn’t know how to comfort his brother. Him.

            “Sammy? Bro, you okay?” Dean asked, placing his hand on Sam’s shoulder, worried when the sobbing didn’t seem to lessen.

After a few moments, Sam was starting to calm and didn’t object when he lifted him up and positioned him on his lap.

            “Shh, Sammy, it’s alright. Easy, bro.”

Sam clung to him, crying until he’d gotten it clear out of his system. Then, when he was done to just sniffling, Dean pulled him off his shoulder and looked him over.

            “You alright?”

Sammy nodded, looking back at him before turning to look away. Dean lifted one hand from where it rested on Sam’s hip and to his chin. He got Sam to look at him before dropping his hand again.

            “I know you didn’t like what just happened, I didn’t either, but you know you’re were asking for it.”

Sam shook his head slightly.

            “Yes you were, you said so yourself that you only went out because I told you not to. What would Dad do if you’d said the same thing?”

Sam sighed and sniffed.

            “He would’ve spanked me. Like you did.”

            “That’s right. So you shouldn’t be surprised.”

            “But, Dean! You’re not Dad,” Sammy still tried to reason.

Dean shook his head. Sometimes, he really wished his brother would just let things go.

            “Doesn’t matter, little brother. I’m in charge, you’ve got to listen to me. Whether you like it or not. I don’t see why you’ve got a problem with this all of a sudden.”

            “I don’t.”

            “Then what?”

Sam sighed again and looked away from him. This time, Dean just waited until he collected his thoughts and was ready to continue.

            “I didn’t think you’d actually do this.”

            “Didn’t think I’d spank ya?”

Sam shook his head, offering his brother a sad smile.

            “Well, I didn’t either. Not until you got back and were all, ‘Don’t give a damn’.”

            “I never said that,” Sam whined.

            “Your attitude did.”

            “That sucks.”

            “Are you okay? You know why I had to spank you right?”

            “Because I disobeyed you and disrespected you. I shouldn’t of acted like such a jerk.”

     “I need you to listen to me, Sammy. Sometimes, we’re teasing and it’s all games, but sometimes it’s serious. You’re old enough to know the difference.”

Sam nodded this time, accepting what his brother was saying. He didn’t seem happy about it, but who would be with a warm bottom?
    “Alright then, let’s go downstairs and -

Dean stilled, listening closely. Sam frowned, but he kept his mouth shut. He slowly got off Dean’s lap when he was motioned to and got his clothing situated as Dean walked slowly to the door.

Dean could hear something, but it took him a moment to realize that it was someone at the door. He walked over to the partially closed door and opened it all the way in time to hear the front door open.


    “It’s Dad,” Sam said, now behind him.

    “Yeah,” Dean sighed in relief. “Hey, he made it back early, sweet!”

    “Prefect timing,” Sam said, rubbing a hand over his bottom. “If it’d been him, we’d still be at it.”

Dean rolled his eyes, and started to head for the stairs.

    “Up here, Dad!” he called out. “Come on, Sammy. We can all have dinner, bet Dad didn’t even eat. Be glad we got this handled, cuz once he sees you squirming he’s going to ask you what happened.”

    “Aww, you’re going to tell him?”

Dean scoffed.

    “As if he’s not going to notice,” Dean said. “Dad notices everything.”

And no sooner were those words out of his mouth that Dean remembered the weapon he’d left downstairs, just as he spotted it from his spot at the bottom of the steps.

Yep, his dad noticed everything.