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  Brothers and Sisters

I Get By With a Little Help: Justin’s at Home Detox Episode. Characters: The Walker Family: Nora(Mom),Sarah,39, Kitty,38, Tommy,34, Kevin,33, and Justin, 26. Mentions of William(the deceased Walker patriarch).



Soldiers Obey: Achilles has got impeccable timing. Characters:  Achilles, Patroclus, Odysseus, Briseis, Hector, Eudorus, Paris.


White Collar

Not Worth It:  Neal didn't take the news about Kate as well as he wanted Peter to think. (Post Hard Sell)

The Actor, Recasted: With the damage done to The Actor, The Met finds some shocking evidence that their Picasso might be a brilliant forgery. Coming Soon!

Undisclosed City Limits: Neal overstepped his boundary and lied to Peter. (Post Bottlenecked) Coming Soon!

The Vampire Diaries - TV  NEW!

Famiglia: Series AU. The Salvatore family didn’t end with Zach. Back when Giuseppe was still alive, but before their mother, Marie, died, there was another boy. A young lad that Marie wished to raise far away from her husband, whom she had learned to be cheating on her. Damon and Stefan don’t know about him, but Katherine found him, and she turned him. When he turns up in Mystic Falls, what will become of the brothers’ relationship? Will Katherine get the backstabbing/revenge that she wanted?




Michael Takes Charge  - (Info Dump inside!) Michael Merrick is the eldest of four boys, in charge of his younger brothers. Novel series. Preseries

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