Title: Say
Author: luvspnl
Characters/Pairings: Dean (20), Sam(16)
Minx Prompt #6: graves, books, lunch
Implement: hand
Summary: Honesty hurts.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Title from a John Mayer song.
Disclaimer: *clicks heels three times and brings Boys home…wait that’s not right :-/ *



We have women in the military, but they don't put us in the front lines. They don't know if we can fight, if we can kill. I think we can. All the general has to do is walk over to the women and say, "You see the enemy over there? They say you look fat in those uniforms."
- Elayne Boosler



Dean was more amused by the school’s call then he was willing to let on. Sammy fighting was a good thing, kid need to look out for himself. Fighting in school though was a big no-no, always had been – Dean should know.

Fighting a girl though, well that was just asking for it.

He feels he’s maybe partially to blame. Dean’s always told Sammy to look out for himself, especially when they couldn’t be in the same school. He’s expected the kid to come out of his shell and stop looking like the wimpy kid in all those high school movies.

But this just takes the cake.

Sammy dumped his books onto the table as they entered the small apartment their father rented. Luckily for the both of them, John is out on a hunt and probably won’t be back for all of Sammy’s suspension. Besides, Dean’s going to handle this and John would probably make a bigger deal about it all than it needed to be.

            “Damnit!” Sam growled when one of his books fell off the table and landed right on his sneakered foot. “Ow, ah shit! That hurts!”

            “Easy,” Dean said, slipping his arm around Sam’s waist and guiding the hopping teen over to a seat.

            “This day sucks ass,” Sam groaned, slouching down in his seat and not looking at Dean in front of him.

            “I bet. Wanna talk about it?”

Sam shook his head.

            “Sam,” Dean said sternly, clearly telling his brother that it hadn’t really been the request it had been made out to sound like.

Sam huffed.

            “Hey! Don’t make me out to be the bad guy here, mister,” Dean told him. Sam in a huffy mood was the worse, because then he’d just be irritable and not talk about it. Dean grabbed another of the dining table chairs and moved it in front of Sam. “Let’s hear it, and make it good. Your ass is counting on one hell of a story.”

Sam glanced up briefly, noticed that yes Dean wasn’t kidding with the threat, and then dropped his gaze.

            “I don’t want to. It’s stupid.”

            “You fought a girl. Damn right it’s stupid, but you better believe you’re talking. You know the rule in this family about fighting in school, Sammy-boy. So you either start your flapper yapping or you get the deluxe ass treatment, which is sure to extract one hell of a confession.”

Sam sighed, biting his lip and really not wanting to talk, but he knew that if he didn’t Dean would have him over his lap and then he’d get two spanking for it and that was just not fair at all.

He kicked off his sneakers, wiggled his toes on his right foot to make sure that the heavy biology textbook that had splatted on it hadn’t killed any. Because he really had had that kind of day lately. The kind where everything that can go wrong does. He brought his leg sup and under him, sitting slightly crossed legged as best as he could. It was a comfortable position for him, even while he’s sprouting out all over the place.


            “First, she started it, you have to believe that!”

            “Just tell me what happened, Sam. I’ll believe what I want, once I hear what you’ve got to say.”

Dean leaned back in his seat, listening in on Sammy’s tale. And yeah, it was as funny as it had been when he’d heard it in the principal’s office. Goodness, Dean had done worse when he was still in elementary school!

            “We were having lunch, right. And Joey was talking about the girl’s track tryouts he’d seen yesterday, before they did the guys tryout. He was just talking about how he’s kind of thinking that the girls are going to really have to kick it up a notch because they all really sucked out there that day.”

Dean sighed. Sammy’s stories could get as long as soap operas tended to be, and with as much of the drama.


            “Then, out of nowhere!, this girl comes up to us and starts yelling at Maggie!”

            “What girl?”

            “Tamika,” Sam said with a groan and looked pointedly at the table besides him.

            “The girl you slapped?”

            “She slapped me first!”

            “Why’d she hit you?”

Dean sighed as Sammy groaned and looked away again.

            “Do you want over my lap, Sam?”

            “She called Maggie a few names, and Maggie responded, and then Tamika went to grab her and Joey pulled Maggie away. So I tried to get in the middle and make her back off, but she was trying to get to Mags from around me and she was pushing against me and…”


            “She was pushing me back! I couldn’t hold her back and she was pushing me against the table and it looked wrong, okay! I told her to back off, that I couldn’t hold her back by myself.”

            “And she snapped.”

            “She went ballistic! Backed off and then she was glaring at me! And she yelled out, stopping everyone in the cafeteria that wasn’t already looking about how I had called her fat.”

            “You called a girl fat?!”

            “I didn’t! I just told her I couldn’t hold her back! And she got mad and then someone yelled back that fat was an understatement and I tried to back away from her, but I couldn’t get around her! And then someone else yelled that she was a whale, and someone yelled that it was lucky that there was lunch for the rest of us. Then someone yelled that we should just let her have our lunches and not fight the inevitable.”

Dean tried not to snicker, because that would be rude. He was twenty, for Pete’s sake. More mature than that. But damn it if he wouldn’t have been one of the ignorant punks who would’ve said something right along with them. Man, he was really one screwed up kid.

            “And since she couldn’t get to them, she slapped me. And I reacted.”

            “By slapping her back.”


            “But you know you’re not allowed to hit a girl, Sammy.”

Sam sighed, nodding his head.

            “And you can’t go around fighting in school. You’ve heard all the lectures Dad used to give me about that.”


            “Good, that’s all there is to it then.”

Sam looked up as Dean stood up and motioned for Sam to do the same.


            “Come on, Sammy-boy. I hate doing this on these chairs. Too much like Dad, and the last thing I need to be thinking about is getting my own ass beat. So come on, living room.”

Sam stood slowly as he watched Dean head over the few steps it took to get over to the couch and TV set that they had in a corner of the space.

            “But, it wasn’t my fault,” Sam insisted, stopping his progress a few steps away from Dean. “I don’t think I deserve this.”

            “Did you have a fight? In school?”

            “Well, technically I guess, but-“

            “Ah! Did you hit that girl? Regardless of her being bigger than you and hitting you harder.”

            “Yeah, sort of, but I couldn’t jus-

            “Silence! There’s nothing to argue about, Sammy. Those two things will get you a spanking, you know that! Now, you either get over here and drop ‘em, or you can go to your room and wait for Dad to come back and deal with you.”

Sam’s eyes widen at the thought. Both boys knew that would go along worse. John wouldn’t wait to hear the why about anything until afterwards. Maybe. All he’d need to know as that Sammy had had a fight in school and had been suspended for a day and that the fight had been with a girl. Regardless, there had been a note that they were mailing over, so no doubt the man was going to know about it.

            “Dean, please!”

            “Then go to your room, Sammy,” Dean said, starting to get up from the couch and doing his best to remain stern.

            “No! Okay, okay. Man.”

Sam walked over, dropped his jeans and stretched himself over his brother’s lap. Man, his day really sucked.

Dean tugged his brother’s briefs down just enough to expose the cheeks. Truly, he wasn’t going to go hard on him. He couldn’t.  He’d seen Tamika when he’d gone in to pick up his brother. And while Sam sported slight coloring still to his jaw line, she looked absolutely fine. Hell, Dean was almost sure that if the ‘fight’ hadn’t been stopped, Sammy would have gotten a few more hits on him than he would have given.

Dean began spanking Sam immediately. He focused his smacks to Sam’s sit spots and on getting them a decent shade of bright red. He didn’t want his brother fighting, and he knew that once their father returned, the only thing that would save Sam would be if there was some evidence left that Dean had handled it.

            “Dean! I’m sorry!”

            “I know, kiddo.”

            “Please, stop!” Sam yelped.

            “Just a few more.”


Dean ignored Sam’s plea and continued to spank, landing a grand total of roughly twenty swats on each cheek before stopping.

            “There, that’s it. You did good, kid.”

Sam sobbed, tears streaming down his face as he felt Dean’s arm release his waist and start rubbing his back.

            “I’m sorry!”

            “Yeah, I know. But it’s over, man. We’re cool.”

Dean helped Sam to his feet and waited a second as Sam righted his clothes again. Then he gave him a quick hug, hoping not to make a bigger deal about the whole thing.

            “You good?”

Sam nodded, wiping at his eyes with his left as his right hand stayed clutched to his brother’s shirt sleeve.

            “S’not fair. Dad’s still going to be mad, and I didn’t do anything.”

            “Sammy, you were fighting and you know that’s wrong, right?

            “Yeah, yeah. Still, I doubt Tamika got spanked.”

Dean scoffed.

            “I doubt anyone can hit hard enough to hurt her.”

Sam dropped his hand from his eyes to rub at his bottom. He grimaced.

            “I dunno, Dean. I think you’d maybe get the job done. Dad for sure.”

Dean shook his head, tugging his brother along with him as he led them into the kitchen and maybe some snacks.

            “Rather dig the next few graves we get to by myself that to test that theory, thanks. And I kind of like having Dad around.”

Sam nodded in agreement.