Cold as Ice
Prompt # 47: forest, curiosity, hunting
Summary: Right after No Exit, before the whole Bill & John scandal. Ellen’s not happy.Song title by Foreigner.
Characters: Ellen, Jo, Dean, and Sam


Going off hunting was the stupidest things that my daughter has done. And with the Winchesters no less!

Those three want to send me back to my Bill sooner than my time.

I’m so mad with Jo that I am practically vibrating with fury.

And then Dean, oh Dean. That boy can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life, let alone his ass!

Jo may think she’s all grown and can handle herself, but there’ nothing grown up about going behind your mother’s back! You hear me Joanna Beth!?

Don’t speak! You stand right there and keep your mouth shut!

I just can’t believe that girl. Even after I’ve dealt with her and she’s still being snippy with me.

Well no bother, she can just stand there all night long because I’ve got to get over to those Winchester boys and set them straight. Dean more than Sammy, bless that boy because his big brother has no common sense!

Easy Ellen, breathe. You can’t just going about whacking people. Bad for business.

Forget whacking! This hands done enough for the night, I’m going to go find my belt.

Joanna Beth don’t you move I can hear you if you move!

That girl’s curiosity is going to get her killed. Thinking herself a hunter, goodness.

Those two Winchesters are still waiting out there, probably thought that I killed my daughter by now. Good, they should feel bad, putting her in that danger.

Letting her put herself in that danger.

Where is that damn strap! No I am NOT talking to you Jo, you keep your silence!

Oh God! Who the hell is calling now? What do they want? Don’t they know better than to call here when I’m busy.

If it’s another advertisement, I’m hexing them…

…Well, there goes my chance on those boys. No other Hunters around, so they’re going to have to head out there. I hate sending them like this, Sam looked so worried.

They aren’t bad boys, those two, I got a few choice words in so I know that they know I mean business. They’re not going to let anything happen to anyone on their watch, but I would rather Jo not be a part of that.

I want more for her, but that fool girl –

Maybe I’m too busy looking at the forest for all the tress or something. Need to step back and let this younger crowd start leading.

Just wish it didn’t have to be my Jo.