Shoot to Thrill
Prompt # 48: chewing gum, temper, training
Summary: Sammy’s fights the potty and Dean wants attention.Title is an AC/DC song.
Characters: Dean(7), Sammy(3), John

Sammy’s hand was down the front of his pants and he was frowning.

            “Sammy,” John sighed, feeling very tired and knowing they still had another three hours to drive before he was willing to call it a night.


The toddler looked up and Dean stopped his little plastic fork filled with an overflowing helping of Mac and cheese half way to his mouth.


            “Do you need to use the potty, buddy?” John asked, trying not to let his weariness out on the boys.


            “Uh uh,” Sammy denied.


John’s head dropped and he couldn’t contain his sigh. Ever since he had taken the initiative to start potty training his youngest and had taken away the baby’s diaper, Sammy had started tugging at himself whenever he had to go, much to the amusement of his big brother.


Dean giggled. He thought it was really funny every time that Daddy said ‘potty’. He’d ask Dean if he needed to take a leak, but he’d ask Sammy if he needed the potty.


Dean laughed every time.


John generally ignored him.


            “Sammy, if you don’t need to go, then I’d appreciate it if you’d take your hands out of your pants, okay? That’s not such a nice thing to do at the table.”


            “Kay,” Sammy agreed, giving his Daddy a toothy smile.


But his hand still stayed in his pants.


            “Sammy,” John said again, more stern and over Dean’s stifled laughter.


            “Cheese, Daddy,” Sammy smiled, taking his spoon with his left hand and trying to make the Mac and cheese reach his mouth.


            “Hands, Sammy, Daddy’s serious.”


            “Hands, Sammy,” Dean repeated, holding his own hands out, stretching his arms over the table.


That did the trick, and Sammy giggling copied his big brother.


            “Hands. Ingahs!” Sammy said, wiggling his fingers around.


John snorted, shaking his head. He took a bite of his burger and tried not to cringe as most of Sammy’s food missed his mouth.


            “Gross, Sammy. You look like a cheese monster!”




            “Grrr,” Dean replied, getting on his knees to come up close to his brother’s face.


            “Grr,” Sammy repeated, giggling and grabbing Dean’s head for a hug. Cheese fingers and all.


            “Oh, man,” Dean groaned as he was pulled in tightly towards the three year old. “Dad.”


Finishing his coffee, John set down a few bills to pay for their meal and reached over to grab both of his sons in his arms.


            “Come on, let’s get cleaned up and head out.”




The next day, they were driving down the highway like they did most days.


            “Daddy,” Dean giggled from the backseat.


John looked away from the barren road into the rearview. He could see Dean covering his mouth in an attempt to stop himself from laughing. The boy was looking over to his brother’s safety seat. Glancing back at the road and still finding nothing, John found it safe to twist slightly to look in on his baby.


Sammy, having no care in the world, was looking out the window. One hand was in his mouth and the other was, once again, down his pants.


John groaned.


            “He’s playing with his peepee again,” Dean announced though his giggles.


            “Yeah, son. I noticed. Sammy! Hey, Sammy! Do you need to go potty?” John asked. There weren’t any restrooms nearby, but that really wasn’t a problem with little boys.


            “Nooo,” Sammy insisted.


John sighed again, pulling over nonetheless. For once, he wished that his youngest would answer honestly.


Stopping the car, he went and got Sammy out of his car seat and walked a few feet before crunching down with Sammy standing in front of him.


            “Alright big guy,” John started, grabbing his son’s hand and tugging it out of his little pants. “Here’s what you’re going to do. I’m going to get these off you and you’re going to face that way and not pee on Daddy, kay?”


            “No potty?” Sammy frowned. He glanced around, as if looking to see if a toilet would appear itself just for him.


            “Nope, this one’s oh-natural. Alright now, do your business.”


Sammy stood there, pantless for the world to see and still seemed unbothered.


            “Sammy, pee so we can get back on the road, please,” John insisted, giving the little hips a shake.


Sammy just giggled and started to move side to side in a little dance.


            “Daddy,” Dean called from the car.


            “Wait a bit, Deano,” John called over his shoulder.


            “Shoop shoop shoop,” Sammy started to sing, swinging his hips and not looking like he was going to piss at all.


Hell, kid had probably just been playing with himself. Damn




            “Dean, wait! Sammy, do you need to pee?” John asked again, resigned to have to take the little boy’s word as an answer this time.


            “Shoop shoop nope! Shoop shoop shoop…”




John groaned, getting to his feet and lifting Sammy as he went.


            “What Dean!” he yelled towards the car as he started to walk back to it.


And then he felt like a complete ass. Dean, who had been on his knees and leaning against the opened window ledge calling out to him, instantly looked sad and shrunk back to his seat.


            “Dean! Dean, what is it?”


Dean just settled back into his seat, fastened his own seatbelt and looked straight-ahead.


John got Sammy’s underpants and pants back on, tossing the little shoes to the car’s floor and settled the toddler back into his seat.


            “Dean, bud, I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m listening now, so you can talk,” he said as he worked a whiny Sammy into his seat.


Dean just crossed his arms over his chest.


John sighed, getting up and closing the back door. He walked over to the driver’s side and reached in through the opened back window to lay a hand on Dean’s blond head.


            “Hey Champ, Daddy’s really sorry for yelling at you. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m not mad at you. You know you can tell me anything,” he tried to coax.


Ever since Dean had started talking again, John was always afraid that he would stop again at the drop of a hat.


When he didn’t get any kind of answer, he just sighed again and got into his seat. He pulled the Impala out of the dirt and back on the road.




As he pulled into the diner, John decided that it was late enough that he might as well change the boys into their PJs. Alright men, how does some dinner sound? John asked them, twisting around to look at his sons.


Sammy giggled as he normally did when his Daddy referred to them as ‘men’. Dean just unbuckled his seatbelt and started tugging on the sneakers he’d long kicked off.


John sighed. Six hours and Dean hadn’t said more than an irritated ‘Sammy’ once. And that was only after twenty nonstop minutes of his youngest kicking out at his brother. Even John was surprised that Sammy hadn’t of called it quits.


Getting out of the car, John headed over to set Sammy free. Dean pushed his door opened, but John trusted him to stand there until he got back around.


But Dean just kept going and headed towards the diner’s entrance.


            “Hey! Dean, stop right there!”


Dean stilled for a second right at the front of the car. But just as John closed the backdoor and thought the boy would wait as he knew to do, Dean just hopped onto the sidewalk and kept walking forward.


            “Dean,” John growled towards him, ignoring Sammy’s hands clawing at his face. “Just because you won’t talk to me doesn’t mean you can’t hear me. Dean! One more step mister and you’re getting a spanking,” John warned.


That did stop the seven year old. At least enough to look over his shoulder at them approaching. Then, just to spite him, Dean took two steps forward and stopped.


Sammy laughed at his brother’s theatrics, but it wasn’t one bit funny to John.


Reaching his first born, he shifted Sammy to his left arm and then used his right hand to swat Dean’s behind twice.


            “Ow!” Dean grimaced after the second one.


            “Don’t try to get smart with me, mister. You just earned yourself a bedtime spanking.”


            “Nooo,” Sammy moaned, covering his face at the word and diving for the refuge of his Daddy’s shoulder.


            “You better behave yourself in there, because I’m not very happy with you right now,” John told Dean as he grabbed his hand and walked them inside.


Once they were seated and had ordered, John remembered that he left the boy’s sleep things in the car. Groaning he waited until the waitress returned to ask her to watch the boys for a second.


When he got back, John was terrified to find Sammy alone at the table.


            “Sammy? Where’s your brother?”


Sammy looked up and smiled at him. He stood up in the booth and reached out to John.


            “Up Daddy!”


John grabbed him and sat down, glancing around the room for signs of his son.


            “Nooo. Stand up, Daddy!” Sammy groaned, squirming in his arms.


            “Settle down, Sammy. Where’s Dean?”


            “Get up. Get up!” Sammy insisted, tugging at John’s shirt.


John grabbed his hands and tried not to panic.


            “Where’s Dean?” He looked up and noticed their waitress a few tables down. “Miss? Hey, did you see where my other son went? Did he head over to the bathroom or something?”


The young brunette looked around a little.


            “No sir, he was just sitting there with his brother. He said that he’d stay with Sammy and I could watch them while I got an order. I’m sorry, I didn’t see him leave, he was just there!”


She started to panic, and that wasn’t what John wanted. He figured that Dean was probably hiding because he was still upset at him and he didn’t want to trouble the girl much. He just wanted Dean back.


            “Dean, Dean, Dean,” Sammy said, squirming in his daddy’s arms that much more.


            “Sammy, please.”


Sammy twisted to get off his lap, but John just slipped his arm around his waist.




            “He’s probably in the bathroom then,” John assured the girl and nodding towards the back hall.


She nodded as she continued to look around guiltily.


            “Yeah, they’re right down there. I’ll just ask that couple over there if he left that way.”


John was going to tell her not to bother, but she was already moving towards them.


The diner had ten patrons in it currently, not including them. None of them had left since John arrived and he hadn’t heard anyone else arrive either. Furthermore, he had been right outside the place so if Dean had exited, he would have seen him.


The little rascal was probably having a good laugh in the bathroom.


When he didn’t find him there, John started to feel the panic set in.


Leaving the bathroom, he was ready to freak out, when he spotted a very smug seven year old calmly sitting right where he’d originally left him.


            “You little…”


He walked over to the table and set Sammy down in the opposite booth, right beside the bag he had just brought in. Then he grabbed Dean’s arm and tugged him out of the seat. Dean groaned, but he complied. When he had Dean standing in front of him, he swatted him twice just like he’d done outside of the diner. He didn’t care that there were people around, because they had all practically seen and heard when he’d just done.


            “Where did you go?” John asked, placing his hands on his hips.


Dean pouted, reaching his hands back to rub at his slightly stingy bottom. Nothing like John planned to get them in a couple of hours.


It was Sammy who replied, giggle and all.


            “Hide! Dean hide Daddy!” Sammy told him, standing up in the booth and covering his face with his little hands.


John quickly sat him back down, not wanting him to fall and hurt himself.


            “You hid, Dean? Where? Didn’t you hear me asking for you? Dean Michael, you stop with this silent treatment and you answer me,” John groaned trying really hard not to yell and make a scene in the diner.


            “You’re mean!” Dean gritted out as his response and slid back to sit slightly on the booth when he noticed John’s mad look.


            “Secret Daddy,” Sammy again told him. John glanced back and his youngest.


            “Where Sammy?” he decided to ask.


Sammy giggled and slide from the booth and under the table. John groaned at himself, looking at Dean and confirmed with the boy’s blush that the toddler was right. Squatting down, John spotted Sammy sitting with his hands over his eyes and smiling.

            “Alright ,buddy,” John said, reaching to grab him and getting him back into his seat. “Thank you bub. Now you, get in that seat and you mind yourself, you hear me? We’re going to have a serious talk before bed.”

Dean groaned, but he crawled back into his booth, settling himself right by the window. When his food came, it took another warning to his bottom to get him eating.


John got both of them boys into the handicap stall in the men’s bathroom. There wasn’t anyone left in the diner that was handicapped and this way he had the room to manage both boys.

Dean slumped against the wall, still not looking at him. Sammy wouldn’t stop squirming in his arms.

            “Dean, take a leak while I dress your brother.”

John set Sammy on the floor and wasn’t surprised when the boy rushed over to his brother’s side. He was mad, however, that Dean hadn’t moved like he’d asked.

            “Dean Michael, don’t make me repeated myself. Use the toilet as I get your brother settled. Sammy, come here.”


            “Sammy, Daddy’s not in the mood tonight, get over here. Dean, move it.”

Dean folded his arms and shook his head. John was more than tempted to just swat the kid again.

Instead, he stood up, retook Sammy into his arms. He swatted the toddler once, eliciting a yelp and a few tears and set him down beside the bag. Sammy stood there, tiny fists rubbing at his teary eyes.

            “Daddy said to move,” John explained. “Can you get your shirt off by yourself?” John asked, knowing that taking clothes off was easier than getting them on. Sammy nodded and he started to pull his shirt up.

John turned to Dean and picked him up like he had Sammy. Dean groaned and pushed at his arms, but John just settled him over his arm and swatted him another two times before planting him in front of the toilet. Instead of allowing him to do it himself, John got Dean’s pants and underwear down and sat him on the seat as he did when Sammy had to go.

            “No more games, Dean. You take a leak and then I’ll get you dressed.”

John turned around and got back to Sammy’s side, pleased to see that the three year old had effectively gotten his shirt off. He ignored Dean as he got Sammy out of his day clothes and into his pajamas with the little trucks on them.

When he finally turned around and looked at Dean, he was surprised to see the seven year old in tears.

            “Dean, what is it?” John asked, getting in front of him and into eye level.

Dean closed his eyes in order to avoid looking at him.

            “Deano, look at me. What’s up buddy?”

Dean opened his eyes, but he kept quiet. John nodded, leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose.

            “Alright, don’t talk. And I guess you’re not going to use the bathroom either? Okay, hop off and trade places with your brother. Step out of your jeans and take your shirt off please.”

John helped Dean off the seat, held his arms as he kicked off his shoes and jeans. He tugged up his little briefs with Spiderman on them, not the Batman that he searched for but still not something corny like plain white briefs, and walked over to where his brother had been standing.

John got Sammy situated, pleased when the toddler didn’t state he didn’t have to go for once and actually went. He then got Dean dressed, got both of their shoes and jackets back on before shouldering the bag and lifting them both into his arms.

By the time he reached the car and started to peal out, he noticed he’d forgotten to use the bathroom. Well, at least he could wait until they reached a hotel room.


Dean was sleepy when they finally got to a motel, but John knew he wouldn’t fall asleep. He never could when he had a spanking pending.

Sammy was settled into one of the beds, leaving enough room for when Dean would slip in. Turning around, John spotted a squirming Dean standing just inside the door.

            “Alright, Champ,” John said settling down on the other bed which would be his for the night.

Dean walked over without being asked and stood right in front of John.

            “Kick off your shoes, so you can go straight to bed after.”

Dean looked down at his shoes for a second, he scuffed a toe into the carpet and straightened it out before doing as he’d been asked. John was pretty sure that hadn’t really been trying to be disobedient again, just Dean’s way of coming to terms with things.

            “You know better than to disobey me, Dean,” John lectured, taking the little boy’s hands in his and keeping eye contact with him. “You know to wait for me when we leave the car and you know not to hide from me, ever. I know you were not happy with me today, but that’s not an excuse to stop doing as you’re told, do you understand me?”

Dean nodded, sniffing slightly.

            “No Dean, you answer me when I talk to you. I let you have your way about it all day, but it’s enough. Now, I’ll ask you again, did you understand me?”

            “Yessir,” he mumbled.

            “Good boy. Now, you know that I had to warn you a couple of times today. I told you you’d get a spanking if you kept walking and you decided to keep walking. That wasn’t a very nice thing to do. And you hiding in the diner, not nice at all. Agree?”

            “Yessir,” he replied, though a little reluctantly.

            “Okay than.”

John picked him up, set him over his thigh. Knowing that in reality, he owed Dean more like three spankings, he decided to make quick work instead and tugged the clothing down.

            “Ow, Daddy!” Dean groaned as the fifth swat landed. He started to twist slightly, clutching his hands on the bedspread and his daddy’s pant leg.

            “Daddy, it hurts!”

            “I know, son. You’re doing great.”

            “Nooo! Daddy, stop!”

John continued to spank as he watched the slightly pinkened skin from the previous swats turn darker and darker towards a heavy red.

            “You do not disobey me, son! You mind your temper and do as you’re told!”

            “Okay! Ow! Daddy, I promise!”

            “You do not put yourself in potential danger, Dean Michael! No matter how mad you are with me or anyone!”

            “Okay, I won’t! Daddy, please!” Dean wept, kicking his legs frantically in a way of trying to get something in his favor.

            “You will not hide from me like that again, do you understand?”

            “Yes! Oww oww! Daddy!”

With two final smacks, the spanking was done. John gather his son into his arms and settled against the headboard.

            “Hey, you’re alright. Take a deep breath, Deano. That’s it. You’re okay, Champ.”

            “Daddy, M sorreee!”

            “I know. I know, son. Breath there. You’re okay.”

Dean sniffed into his shoulder, wrapping his arms around his neck. The sleep he had been battling with was starting to win and John couldn’t help but smile at how quickly the kid was relaxing.

            “That’s it, buddy. All’s forgiven and I still love you.”



            “Love ya too,” Dean mumbled sleepily.

John smiled, kissing the soft blond hair. He hadn’t ever doubted his sons love, never really would, but it always helped him know he wasn’t completely failing them.

            “I know. Sleep buddy, good night.”

Dean settled down, easily sleeping against his chest. John just held him for a moment, wondering what the hell had happened that day that had made his son act out. He was going to make an effort to get him talking in the morning.

Come morning, he was also going to try a new approach with his youngest. Clearly, asking him wasn’t the answer. With Dean, he and Mary had had a hard time getting him away from the diapers and then getting him to keep his pull-ups on. In the end, Mary had had the brilliant idea of giving Dean a cookie every time he would tell them when he had to go.

They ended up buying a lot of cookies for those first few months.

So once they hit the road again, he was going to stop at a store and pick up some cookies, maybe get the boys some candies and chewing gum as a treat. Not that they particularly deserved it, but it wasn’t like they didn’t either.

Though, he’d make sure not to let them see how much candy he’d buy. He didn’t want cranky or hyper children on his hands thank you very much.