Title - Michael Takes Charge
Fandom - Elemental Series by Brigid K
A/N: The Elemental Series is a series of (up to now)   5 books and a few mini stories. The premise is that there are four brothers, and they each can control an element. However, having that much power, being a full Elemental verses the other punier but still power filled Elementals is considered a reasonable condition to merit death. Oh, and the kids come into their power around ages 11-13 so yeah. While trying to protect their kids, the brothers’ parents get killed in a house fire. The eldest son, Michael, was a senior in HS and the only elemental in the family (other than parents). That night, they discovered Gabriel's power, fire. Just before then, the youngest brother, Christopher, and Michael had been attacked and almost drowned by bully Elemental teens. Chris learned he had the power of water. (I can't remember how Nicholas -4th bro and Gabriel’s twin- learned of his power; but he controls air.) So, for the past six years, Michael has been in charge. He finished HS, I think it's mentioned he took some college courses too?, and he is now the owner of his father’s landscape business. Which suits Michael, as an Earth Elemental. Their dad was also an Earth, but nowhere near as powerful as Michael. Mom was an Air, but again not full Elemental. 

And then there's Becca. Becca Chandler is 16, like Chris and defends Chris from being beat up by two Elemental bullies, Tyler and Seth. Stuff happens, stuff happens. There's a new kid in school, Hunter. Stuff happens. Yadayada read the books, they're awesome and 

Spoilers if you want to read the stories (Which you so should!) and don't like spoilers stop here! If you'll read but don't mind spoilers, continue on :))

Seriously, Spoilers!!



So, Becca and Hunter are the fifth Elementals, spirit. They can control all of the elements, amplify other Elementals, and are supposed to be reported so that they can become Guides. Guides aren't as friendly as they sound. Their purpose is to keep the other Elementals in check, and if a Full Elemental is found, Guides are supposed to kill them.

Becca's father, who left when she was 11, when a Guide was called on the Merricks, is also a Guide. He kept Becca from the Guides; wishing to not turn his daughter into a killer. She had NO idea about being a Fifth, Elementals or anything!

Hunter moved to town after his father and uncle were killed in a rockslide. He was there too, but obviously lived. They were Fifths and while Hunter thought the brothers were going on hunting or bonding trips, it turned out they were doing Guide stuff. He feels epically guilty on their death because they came back for him once he threw a fit that he should be old enough to go with them. Hunter knows about Elementals, knows he's a Fifth. But he had always assumed that he needed to prove himself before he was brought to training. In fact, his dad never wanted to make Hunter a Guide either. Hunter has his uncles K9, Casper.

Hunter came and lived with his Mom, who is pretty much useless after her husband’s death, and her parents, who pretty much can't tolerate Hunter. Stuff happens and Michael takes Hunter in. (Which is pretty awkward, because Chris and Hunter are kind of enemies :/ But Gabriel and Hunter hit it off pretty good and he’s kind of Gabriel’s best friend now. He shares a room with Nick.)(book3)

Becca ends up dating Chris. Gabriel dates a smart, quiet girl named Layne(book2). Nick dated Becca’s BFF Quinn but then she finds out he's gay(book4). She keeps his secret, even from his brothers, as he starts dating her dance partner. (I swear I just read this, I believe his name was Adam? oh I suck!)

So this story is a composition of all of the times Michael absolutely couldn't ignore his brothers’ antics and had to step up and be the adult, to the point of a discipline that their parents didn’t even use. (Though in the pre story, it seems like their dad would've probably been more hands-on if their mother wasn't such a calming force. I think it might be an Air thing, since Nick is the calm one of the Merrick boys.)

Michael also gets a girlfriend, Hannah, who has a son, James?, who is five. But since I have yet to read book #5, Sacrifice, which is Michael’s story, I'm reserving judgment on that and not including her.

Becca’s Mom isn't an Elemental. She is a nurse.

In Series: Michael22, Gabriel Nick17, Chris16, Hunter16  (In story, I'm starting from after their parents died and working up to their current ages) 

Okay!! Info dump aside!!!!

Story Time:

PART ONE                                                                                      PART THREE

PART TWO                                                                                     PART FOUR

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