This story in particular will contain underage drinking, violence, sexual situations, recklessness, general teenage stupidity to the max, and of course the site warning applies (ie this is a discipline fic) You have been warned. Enjoy!


James William (Harper) Kingston:

  • Karen Ebony Kingston – deceased 8 yrs

o   Ethan James Kingston, 18 “Royal/King”
o   William Richard Kingston, 16 “Liam”
o   Aaron Reed Kingston, 14

  • Heather Jessica Collinson

o   Owen Henry Kingston, 10 “Lion”
o   Bethany Harper Kingston, 8 “Bear”

  • Stephanie Moncada

o   Malcolm Gustavo Kingston, 7 “Cole”


HOW IT WAS (Alt. It Is What It Is)

Glass Houses: The Kingstons are well known as the richest family in Port Chester, and they seem to have it all. Looks can be deceiving.

Tug of War: With Ethan eighteen, he is starting a fight against his own father, possibly putting his future with his siblings at risk