Summary: The Kingstons are well known as the richest family in Port Chester, and they seem to have it all. Looks can be deceiving.

 i.    An American Family: Introductions to the Kingstons and Co.

ii.    Scandalized: News of James’ cheating comes out

iii.    Liar, Liar: Aftermath of a terrible morning.

iv.    Small World: Royal tries to keep his family going and get more intel on James' affair

v.    Faking It:

vi.    Dirty Laundry:


Summary: With Ethan eighteen, he is starting a fight against his own father, possibly putting his future with his siblings at risk

 i.    Patriarch: James fears what the outcomes from his most recent affair; Ethan disgusted with the man

ii.    Family Day: James takes kids out, conveniently Martin girls there

iii.    Where there’s Smoke…: Cordelia Kingston visits

iv.    History Repeating: Learning the news, Heather arrives

v.    An Act of Will: Miranda Sandoval meets with Ethan

vi.    Little Monsters: James takes off, leaving Ethan once again to deal

vii.   Ricochet: Ethan starts taking legal measures