Season 24: When the River Boys arrived, there were more than three Braxtons in their gang. Casey is not the youngest Braxton kid, and Darryl 'Brax' Braxton has his hands truly full with more than just Heath and Casey. Instead, Nicholas/Nash and Juliette/Jagger make life just that much more hectic for the brothers.


(I'm taking liberties and adding middle names bcuz I do that kind of thing :) And how can you do the epic now you're in trouble yell if there's no middle name?)
Darryl Peter Braxton (28) "Brax" 

Heath William Braxton (24)

Casey Matthew Braxton (16) [he was 17 when he was first in the show and a senior/year12 but I'm changing that to 16 and year10]

OCs: Nicholas Isaac/Ellis Braxton (10) "Nash" and Juliette Isabel/Ellis Braxton (10) "Jagger"

A little bit about the show Home & Away. H&A is a long running Aussie soap. It's based around the (fictional) town of Summer Bay. It's a nice, mostly calm and quiet coastal town that for the most part looks after one another. Every so often new people arrive, and in season 24 (back in 2011?) the new additions were the rough surf gang The River Boys, helmed by the Braxton brothers. They came from neighboring (equally fictional) town of Mangrove River (hence River Boys) and are not welcomed in Summer Bay, though they are eventually taken in as one of their own.

The Braxtons are everything I love for in a story. They're crazy, willing to fight and cause trouble, and fiercely loyal and devoted to each other. Brax, the eldest, (Don't call him Darryl) has raised his younger brothers and himself and formed the gang as a basis to keep eyes on each other. All the RBs come from rough homes and consider the other Boys their family. Brax, in this way, has 2 families, since he still puts his brothers First, then the Boys.

They have an awful lot of trouble their way, cops, school, relationships, each other... And more often than not, Brax is the one to sort it all out. Sometimes, the way he 'sorts' his brothers out includes yelling and smacking them on the head, or even a punch to the face. Later on, he even gets fed up enough to call family meetings (it's kind of adorable!)

So OF COURSE, I saw this and thought, "Well he certainly wouldn't have punched them growing up! He never punches Casey, who is like his 'kid'. It's understood that their father was abusive and their mother was an alcoholic useless woman that spends all their money, while sometimes also turning abusive, so he wouldn't want to be like them." Naturally, I plotted a spanking fic almost instantly! And then, I just couldn't help but think, if there had been a little kid around, maybe they wouldn't be so stupid all the time! And that's where the twins came from.

Starting HERE(just the River Boy parts) The River Boys - Part 1

I will skip some things and change others I don't quite yet know how, but I'm gonna have fun with it :) If you want to give it a go, well I certainly would appreciate it :)

Hugs, Ann

PS:  I'm going to use Aussie terms. Most should be pretty obvious, but if there's any doubts just let me know :) I kind of get into the 'mindset' so to speak when I see the show, and it's truer to character, so I hope you don't mind!

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